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The customer from Australia , Singapore , Thailand came to our factory for a two—day investigation and visit.

The customer from Australia , Singapore , Thailand came to our factory for a two—day investigation and visit.
They focused on the stainless steel wire rope of 1x61mm , ∮42mm , During the investigation , the customers visited the production locale and watched the production process of the stainless steel wire rope sample of 1×61 mm,42mm, then a wire technology conference about the stainless steel wire rope was held on
The visitors were satisfied with the technology and the equipment of our factory, expressing future understanding and cooperation intentions .The atmosphere of the two part communication is very well, which was laid a foundation for future cooperation.
It is understood that our factory will acquire more than 1,000Ton orders of 1x61mm , ∮42mm stainless steel wire rope if this cooperation succeed.

The main products are elevator ropes, mining ropes, ship ropes, petroleum ropes, port machinery ropes, etc. It can also produce various special structure steel wire ropes according to customer needs, with an annual output of 15,000 tons, mainly producing steel wire ropes with a diameter of 6.0mm-42.0mm. The company has strong technical force: the company has technical experts from the original Tianjin Yisheng who have been engaged in steel wire rope production for many years.
What are the correct use and maintenance methods of wire rope?
(1) The speed of the running wire rope should be stable during operation, and it should not exceed the load to avoid shock load;
(2) Maintenance The steel wire rope has been coated with enough grease when it is manufactured, but after operation, the grease will gradually decrease, and the surface of the steel wire rope will occupy dust, debris and other dirt, causing the steel wire rope and sheaves to wear and rust. Therefore, it should be cleaned and refueled regularly. The simple method is to use a wire brush and other corresponding tools to wipe off the dust and other dirt on the surface of the wire rope, and evenly apply the heated and melted wire rope surface grease on the surface of the wire rope, or spray 30 or 40 engine oil on the surface of the wire rope , But don’t spray too much and pollute the environment;
(3) Inspection records The use of steel wire ropes must be regularly inspected and recorded. In addition to the above-mentioned cleaning and refueling, the content of the regular inspections should also be checked for the degree of wear, broken wires, corrosion, and fishing hooks, rings, and lubrication. Wear of vulnerable parts such as wheel grooves. Any abnormality must be adjusted or replaced in time.

Post time: Sep-18-2020