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Tianjin Meijiahua Steel is a group of international economic entity, including affiliated enterprise. Manufacture: TIANJIN TIANKANG METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD, TIANJIN TONGFU METAL PRODUCT CO., LTD. Export Trading company : Tianjin Meijiahua Trade CO., LTD. HK company: Meijiahua Trade CO., LIMITED. Meijiahua corporation steel was established in 1999, it was one among the group of the manufacturer of researched & developed WIRE, MESH, PIPE, SCREW in China. We have twenty production line.


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  • Why Aluzinc Coil So Popular?

    Aluzinc Coil, Gl Steel Coil and Aluminum Steel Coil - all terms familiar to those in the construction industry. Aluzinc coil is a kind of color steel plate with zinc as the base material and aluminum as the surface coating, which has been widely welcomed in recent years. Coils are cold or hot rol...

  • Elevator Steel Wire Ropes: Everything You Need To Know

    In the construction of small passenger elevators in commercial housing complexes, choosing the appropriate elevator wire rope is an important consideration. There are usually two types of elevator wire rope specifications: 8*19S+FC-8mm and 8*19S+FC-10mm. In this blog post, we will delve into the ...

  • Erw Steel Pipe – An Essential Part Of The Transport Pipeline Sector

    Tianjin Meijiahua Steel is your preferred source for quality ERW steel pipes. Our ERW pipes are made from high quality materials and crafted using the latest welding techniques to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. ERW steel pipe – a key component in the field of transportation...

  • The Benefits and Applications of Self Drilling and Self Tapping Phillips Truss Head Screws

    Self drilling screws, self tapping screws, button head screws, and phillips truss head screws are all important components that help hold sheet metal, saw boards, and other objects together. Self tapping screws are usually made of steel with a galvanized and passivated surface. These quick-instal...

  • Introducing The Gabion Box-The Solution For Every Construction Need

    Mejiahua Steel is proud to present our Gabion box - a durable and reliable solution for numerous construction tasks. Our gabion mesh is made of low carbon galvanized steel wire or PVC coated steel wire, mechanically woven to provide high corrosion resistance, strength and toughness. The structure...