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Good news! The company’s No. 3 wire bonder has been put into operation successfully!

On April 30, 2018, after several months of debugging, the company’s newly purchased No. 3 wire mechine was successfully put into operation, and the company’s president other leaders participated in the production of the first piece of wire mesh.

The equipment can be used for high-quality cross welding of hot-rolled ribbed steel bar, cold-rolled ribbed steel bar and smooth round cold-drawn steel bar, with large output, high precision, convenient modification, low failure rate, strong energy-saving and high quality. The equipment is controlled by PLC programmable computer. The width and spacing of steel mesh can be adjusted according to the need. The mesh with different grid spacing can be welded automatically. With touch type control screen, the working state of the equipment can be monitored in real time through the screen to ensure that the products are qualified.

Since the beginning of this year, orders from major customers have come one after another. The production of No.3 wire mechine will greatly increase the company’s production capacity, provide strong support to meet customer demand and improve the timeliness rate of order delivery, and help the rapid development of enterprises.

The company has added two fully automated production lines in the past two years, and the output of welded steel mesh has increased significantly. The company has obtained Australian ACRS certification for four years. The number of domestic and foreign orders is also increasing year by year. For future development, our company is also planning to add more equipment in the future to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.

Post time: Sep-18-2020